Baker Rainbow Wallpaper- collab with Amber Massey @masseya

Baker Rainbow Wallpaper- collab with Amber Massey @masseya

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Product is a removable/ repositionable fabric wallpaper. This textile has a matte finish and can be mounted to any surface and repositioned with an easy install( reducing any possible bubbles or creases)

Wallpaper comes with clear instructions and a squeegee for application. We can’t wait to see this wallpaper in your space! 



+ First determine the height of your wall from floor to ceiling -9 ft or 10ft option 
* majority are 9ft

+ After selecting the correct size panel you will then choose the quantity.

+ To determine quantity measure the length of your wall. Panels are 2 feet wide so you will need one panel per every 2 foot of wall.

* Ex. If your wall is 5ft long you will need to order 3 panels which will cover 6 ft. 
*Ex. If your wall is 10ft long you will need to order 5 panels which will cover 10 ft.  

+ No refunds, No returns, No exchanges. All items are made to order and are final sale with the exception of obvious defects. 

DISCLAIMER: OPAL+OLIVE is not responsible for the nature or method for attaching wallpaper  and expressly disclaims all liability for any damage, errors, improper hanging/ and or attachment to wall.